Do you have an app, a video game or a software package you want to export, but language barriers are stopping you? Maybe you are a video game developer looking for alternatives to traditional translation systems? Put your trust in Wabbit’s team of skilled translators, who all live and breathe video games as well as linguistics.

Video games: translation, and much more…

From a true passion for games to extensive translation experience, we have what it takes to translate your video game. Would you put your trust in someone who had never picked up a joypad? Or a fan with no proven language skills? We know how to meet your every need, using the latest computer assisted translation software to provide you with a fluid, natural and high-impact translation.

Video game subtitles

Developing a video game requires a huge team of programmers, engineers and assorted other geeks. But to obtain a perfect translation, you need a translator specialised in the field: if you are developing a game but you are afraid no one will listen to the huge quantity of dialogue you have prepared, or if you don’t want the hassle of dubbing it into 20 different languages, but you know that the world market requires more than just an English version, we are here to help. Subtitling could be the solution for you!
This is a technique which requires specific skills and the ability to summarise, because translating PC and console games needs thorough training and a respect for the rules, as any hero who wishes to reach their goal knows only too well.
Our team of translators know how to provide precise, highly legible subtitles, after a thorough analysis of the style guide and rules.
We interface with the client throughout the drafting of the script in the original language and right through to the creation of the subtitles, working as a team. Translating their video games allows our clients to extend their sales to digital markets all over the world.

Video Game Testing

Translating and subtitling video games is not enough to obtain a market-ready product. Have you checked why those annoying bugs just won’t go away? And will the French and German versions have the correct gender references? Being both fanatical gamers and professional translators, we are well qualified to perform playtesting as well: we test your Alpha or Beta build and report back all the problems which arise, both technical and script issues, using either your checklist or our own standard Bug Report templates.

Once you game has passed the acid test, it will be ready to take on the big guns on the market!