We offer more than just specialist video game, board game and comic book translations. Wabbit is your go-to partner for the translation of websites, social media posts, any multimedia content, software manuals, and much more besides. We have a highly skilled team of translators with the specific experience to provide translations for all sectors and companies, public and private, from German, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish into Italian, and from Italian to English.

Our translation services include:

Website Translations

Are you a creative web agency which needs linguistic support to help you translate your clients’ multilingual websites? Maybe you are a company which does business abroad and you want to translate your website into other languages? The most effective way to find new international customers is to have a multilingual website – this is why our team of professional translators combine translation expertise with many years’ experience in the sector to provide you with the key to your success. All around the world.

Translation and management of Facebook and social media feeds and profiles in English

These days, a company without a range of social media profiles and feeds may as well not exist. This is why we help companies localise their Facebook profiles and social media feeds such as Twitter and Instagram. The key to our clients’ success is our quick, efficient communication, allowing us to turn their translations into a success factor.

Technical translations of corporate procedures, manuals and patents

For complex translations such as corporate processes and management software, manuals and patents, which use specific terminology, we provide the extreme precision required to accurately convey the original text in the target language.

Technical Translations

Manuals, catalogues, price lists: we are able to provide high-quality translations in all these fields. We provide a concrete response to companies’ internationalisation requirements, offering expertise and professionalism.

Linguistic support and interpreting services for companies

Companies which need to offer their customers real-time access to information, whatever language they speak, need expert linguists and interpreters. They can all count on Wabbit: we guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty with our linguistic and interpreting services.

Marketing Translations

We offer marketing translations of brochures, international advertising campaigns, press kits, promotional texts, advertising slogans, product presentations and corporate magazines. We provide professional translations while keeping track of the various linguistic and cultural aspects which may differ between countries to ensure your company is properly portrayed in its marketing activities.