You cannot translate comics if you don’t read them. So how did we at Wabbit manage to bring professional translations to the world of comic books? It’s all down to our excessive and obsessive love for the genre.
We are dreamers as well as skilled translators – we like to imagine the characters’ voices and translate them, to hear the action first hand and convey it in our text as if we ourselves were the protagonists. And as both long-time readers and professional translators, we continue to nurture our dreams through the pages of comic books, but this time with a different goal – to satisfy both readers and our clients by transposing the original language and context as faithfully and naturally as possible into the new one.

We wish to create excitement through our “crashes”, “bangs” and “pows”, following the heroes first of all as critical readers, then with a translator’s eye. We work with some of the biggest Italian comic-book publishers, combining technical translation skills with a visionary side. The result? Impeccable comic-book translations, the kind which keep you awake at night until you reach the last page.

Yesterday’s comic-book translator vs. today’s

The work of the comic-book translator has changed over the years, evolving in step with technological progress. We have said goodbye to old-fashioned workflows where the translator received the original language version in PDF or even hardcopy and then typed it up in a blank word document, often introducing silly errors such as skipping sections of text or mixing up speech bubbles.
Our team works with the latest translation software (CAT – Computer Assisted Translation) which allows us to achieve more precise and error-free translations than ever before. This software processes the DTP file, in formats such as InDesign or Illustrator, directly, allowing the translator to translate one line at a time without the risk of missing sections or wasting time. This also translates into reduced costs for the client and higher quality translations.

The superheroes of comic book translation have another trick up their sleeves

In addition to the advanced translation software which allows us to provide faithful translations in the least possible time and reduce both the risk of errors and the costs to the client, we also have another trick up our sleeves: our DTP and graphic design service means we can manage files in formats such as InDesign and Illustrator directly. Our graphic design team works alongside our translators to provide customers with an integrated service which covers every step in the process of creating a comic book in another language.
To sum up, we shorten the comic book “production process” by eliminating the various handovers of the text from the translator to graphic designers, graphic designers to editors and translator to proofreader. When our work is complete, the client will have a complete, print-ready product with no further delays.