Are you a specialist company looking to launch your new board game on the market? Maybe you are a publisher looking for a faithful translation of the latest version of your educational children’s board game?
Whatever your core target, we provide board game translations for mainstream, indie and educational markets. From the instruction manual to the rules, from the cards to the box, we translate every detail of your game with precision and accuracy, interfacing both with the client and our trusted playtesters.

All-inclusive board game translation solutions

It is commonly believed that preparing a board game for the market requires much more than just a translation agency – you need graphic design, playtesting and so on. But why waste time and money if you can have an all-inclusive solution? Our translation team does not just translate the board game – we use our specific skills, IT knowledge and professional graphic design team to offer you a top-quality finished product, polished and ready to be launched in your target market.
How? With our integrated translation and graphic design system, which allows us to process the original file and translate it directly in formats such as InDesign and Illustrator. Our translation begins with the original source file from the client, which can be in any editable format, and ends with a translated print-ready file being delivered to the client for internal approval, after which it can go directly to press. This allows us to complete your project in less time with a greatly reduced risk of errors, and yet you can still achieve cost savings thanks to the efficiency of our system!
Why squander technical and human resources, as well as time, manually copying and pasting text, when this runs the risk of introducing errors such as finding you have a missing paragraph, or worse, some text has been left in the original language? Our service will take your breath away with its precision, speed and competitive cost.

From translation to revision: les jeux sont faits

After the crucial translation and graphic design phase is complete, we proofread all finished text thoroughly. Even though the product may be finished at this point, it is still essential to check that there are no widows and orphans, superfluous carriage returns, inconsistent italic and bold text, typos or other errors. Proofreading is an extremely precise and complicated task which requires not just great attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of the translation process, but also critical skills. Our team will take care of your board game, reviewing the rules in great depth to ensure they fully understand them before providing a precise explanation of every clause. This is because there is nothing we hate more than ambiguous rules, and we are sure you feel the same way!
We have expert, highly trained eyes thanks to years of proofreading which allows us to pick out any kind of problem or inconsistency in your print-ready PDF files, saving your board game from potentially embarrassing mistakes!

Final Playtesting

As well as any linguistic errors, there is also the possibility that your game mechanics could use a little fine tuning. Once again it’s Wabbit “to the wescue” – we are not just totally awesome translators and eagle-eyed error spotters, but also hardened gamers, and we can playtest your game until it is completely free of problems.
During the testing phase we check that gameplay is straightforward and consistent and that the instructions are immediately coherent and comprehensible for any player. We are here to suggest the best changes to allow you to improve the game’s dynamics and script.

We are ready to play – how about you?