Tired of the errors and inaccuracy you get with machine translation? Fear not, Wabbit’s team of translators have a unique super power. We fire up our linguistic machinery every day to provide professional, assured translation services.
We offer high-quality technical translations from English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese into Italian, and from Italian into English.

Our translation services include specialist translations of video games, board games and comics; we also translate websites and social media posts, and have experienced technical translators available for the translation of patents and manuals (technical, IT and software).

We are a team of translators and project managers and we manage a tight-knit group of external professionals who help us to provide the best solution to our clients, ensuring we are able to offer impeccable translations for all projects, no matter their size.

Why choose our translation services?

We are available 24/7 to help our clients through every stage of the translation process and ensure their every need is met.
Our translation services are based on a few key fundamentals:

  • the use of specialist software (CAT – Computer Assisted Translation) which allows us to open DTP/graphical files (InDesign or Illustrator) and type the translations into them directly, handing back a complete, print-ready product. This is a major benefit for the Board Games and Comic Books sectors in particular. This high-tech approach also allows us to offer our clients another two competitive advantages…
  • reduced costs for the translation services
  • precise, consistent and reliable translations at all times

Unlike traditional workflows, this system ensures that there are no errors or omissions due to manual cutting and pasting of text. It also significantly reduces the time required to prepare the files and rework the page layout with the translated text in the Indesign/Illustrator files which are then converted into print-ready PDFs.
Teamwork is our superpower. If you are looking for a group of translation superheroes, we have the skills and the tools to meet your needs. Managing a translation is a long and complex process, especially in certain sectors. We simplify this process – and enjoy ourselves as we go – guaranteeing maximum savings for our clients while providing the highest quality translations.

Want to know more about our translation services? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

video games

Video game translation specialists – we make your games come alive in any language! We are technology nerds as well as language geeks! Wabbit Translations have the experience to find the perfect balance between consistent terminology and creativity for your project…

board games

Language skills, passion and creativity – is this really enough to provide the perfect translation of your board game? Our team of experienced translators all use the latest translation software, the real secret to providing consistent, accurate translations…

comic books

Comic books are our bread and butter. We may be hardened professionals now, but we cut our teeth on milk, cookies and Captain America! Our IT and graphic design expertise means we can offer integrated translation solutions: from translation to page layout right through to proofing…

other translation services

We are translation superheroes! Whatever your translation requirements, we have translators who are experts in the field: websites, social media feeds, technical manuals, patents, software and marketing copy. Find out more about our all-inclusive translation services…

I got the chance to appreciate Alessandro Vaccari and Wabbit Translations’ work during the international convention “Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practices” which the University of Bergamo held in October 2014, and then again at the convention “None Excluded. Transforming schools and learning to develop inclusive education“ in January 2016.
The high level of professionalism they demonstrated in providing interpreting services for the speakers over the course of the two events was particularly well received both by the participants and the audience, particularly considering the scientific and technical complexity of the content delivered by the various speakers.
Alessandro Vaccari’s contribution turned out to be particularly valuable and impeccable at all times.
Fabio Dovigo, PhD; Tenured Associate Professor, University of Bergamo
High-quality professional translations which are unbeatable value for money, and timely customer support – this is why more and more companies are choosing Wabbit’s team of specialist translators.
Here is what some of our customers have to say about us:
We chose Wabbit because the passion which comes across in their work is an added value when you need quality translations, particularly when it is accompanied by expertise in the sector, professionalism and reliability. Wabbit’s translators also use specialist translation software which allows them to minimise the risk of errors while at the same time lowering costs. We can only recommend Team Wabbit!
Marcello Fornaciari, World Entertainment Company