We are so happy to finally be able to spend time at the beach this year that we have decided to create a small list of our favourite summer videogames to play in the shade of a parasol. Our list might seem a little haphazard, but that’s just because we have very different tastes!

Meowscles from Fortnite season 3

Wabbit Team is ready for the Summer

Manor Café (Gamegos)

A brightly coloured tile-matching game where you control the manager of a restaurant requiring renovation. The story is packed with characters, amorous intrigues, power games and pets. A new maritime area has also just been released, featuring a pier and pirate ship, complete with new summer challenges featuring beach balls and vacation-themed decorations.

Manor Café among our summer videogames

Pokémon Café Mix (Genius Sonority)

Staying with the matching and café management theme, we suggest this title with cutesy graphics where you have to make friends with your Pokémon customers and solve riddles in order to prepare fantastic dishes, such as a Pikachu-shaped curry and Dugtrio toast.

Pokémon Café Mix, summer videogames 2020

Fortnite (Epic Games)

Talking about food, Fortnite is perfect for keeping your kids entertained while you take a post-prandial snooze in the shade of your beach umbrella. The new aquatic-themed island, in the company of sharks and Aquaman, is ideal for a pause on the beach.

Aquaman and Meowscles

Monument Valley 2 (Ustwogames)

In this new chapter, as enchanting as its predecessor, players step into the shoes of Ro, a mother who goes through a delicate and absorbing formative process alongside her daughter. The characters move around the valley, and must solve brain-teasers and reveal the secrets of the castles’ magical architecture to reach their destination together, all accompanied by a marvellous soundtrack.

Monument Valley 2 image

Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends (Computer Lunch)

This game is a journey through cosmic evolution – the story begins in the primordial soup over 4.5 billion years ago. The goal is to earn entropy to unlock new evolutionary chapters, right through to developing the technology required to terraform Mars!

Our summer videogames: Cell to singularity

Sayonara Wild Hearts (Simogo)

rhythm game where the player finds themselves in a dreamlike environment featuring colours, breakneck speeds, neon lighting and music. This thrilling arcade-style game represents the difficult challenges facing those trying to put a broken heart back together.

Sayonara Wild Hearts among our summer videogames

Hatoful Boyfriend (Hato Moa)

For those who can’t wait to throw themselves head-first into a new love story, on the other hand, there’s Hatoful Boyfriend. This game is part visual novel, part dating simulator, where the protagonist is busy looking for a date with some of their schoolmates, who just happen to be pigeons! It sounds ridiculous, but we think you’ll be hooked.

dating simulator Hatoful boyfriend

Dream Daddy (Game Grumps)

If pigeons are not your cup of tea and you’d prefer a human dating simulator, Dream Daddy is the game for you. You play a father who moves with his daughter to a quiet seaside town where the rest of his neighbourhood are other single fathers, too!

dating simulator Dream Daddy

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What are your favourite videogames of 2020? Which handheld console do you take to the beach? Write to us, there’s still time for us to take some cues!