snack world nintendo

How did we spend the most romantic weekend of the year? Playing videogames, of course!

Our unbridled love for role-playing games led us to spend Valentine’s Day in the company of Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold, the wacky new game for Nintendo Switch from Level-5.

Snack World is a Japanese RPG adventure which combines exploration and technology in a highly colourful universe, all drizzled with tasty plays on words and exhilarating missions.

As you know, Team Wabbit’s videogame translators are not just expert linguists and proud nerds, but we are also from Emilia Romagna, Italy’s food capital! When we take off our translation superhero capes for the day, we head for the kitchen to cook up some delicious lasagne or tortellini – so you can imagine our surprise when we discovered that to become a Snack World champion, we had to defeat none other than the villainous Sultan Vinegar!

But we did not lose heart and set off on the adventure, but certainly not before kitting out our hero to the nines and filling our pockets with snacks – snapshots of quirky creatures and kooky characters you can summon in battle.

Snack World therefore manages to combine all our passions, as well as amuse us with its exhilarating food-themed jokes and irreverent fourth-wall-busting humour.
There is something for all tastes: the team members who love happy hour could not wait to wake up Sloe White, while our singing translator dreamed of appearing onstage alongside the Spicy Galz!

What about you? Have you tried it? Write to us to tell us what your think of Snack World or Emilian cuisine, or to get in touch if you are looking for videogame translators!

Team Wabbit