Wabbit’s videogame translators are getting caught up in the Christmas spirit. Like every year, they are gripped by finding the most fashionable Christmas decorations. What will look better on the tree, baubles decorated with pictures of superheroes, or some brightly lit lightsabers?

Christmas is also a time for reflecting, taking stock and greetings. Maybe you’re wondering what Wabbit’s videogame translators want this year? If we had to write a letter to Santa Claus, we would ask for something for society at large which is linked to our work: access to new technologies for everybody.

Why this? Because we here at Wabbit Translations strongly believe that it is right to encourage computerisation, especially in those zones and areas of the population where the financing required is lacking. Innovation represents a huge possibility for growth and development, because, amongst other things, it helps to create work. Industry 4.0 will undoubtedly present us with difficult choices from a social perspective in the years to come, as it will involve the conversion of many professions. Nevertheless, it has also created new “digital” professions. Our own careers as videogame translators are part of these “new professions” created by digitisation and computerisation.

But what will 2020 have in store for Wabbit? We have a great desire for challenges and innovation –

why not join us?

Happy Holidays from all of

Team Wabbit