Could our board game translators miss Modena Play, the Games Festival? Of course not! Above all when it’s just round the corner from our Wabbit Warren! 😜

Modena Play is a unique convention where games take centre stage. That’s why it’s a very special event for our super-nerd translators, who patiently queued up, recharging their batteries every so often with some delicious Modenese snacks, before rushing from stand to stand as soon as they got in. 😜 And what better occasion to discover some real niche products than to test them out in a battle royale?!

You will also be interested to learn one of the guests of honour this year: Panini Comics! The publisher brought its huge comic book universe to Modena Play. This is being further enhanced with a new interactive dimension, with incredible activities and collaborations.

Board games and comics?! That really is all Wabbit’s entertainment translators need.  😜

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