Are you wondering what Wabbit’s translators are doing at a technical communication conference? Good question! Our translators are super nerds in the true meaning of the term. They are passionate, almost to the point of obsession, about all new technologies. Not just videogames then, but everything technical. Team Wabbit is composed of translators specialised in the translation of technical texts. They are particularly expert in software, IT, technical manual and patent translations. There is no kind of technology which doesn’t fascinate Wabbit’s team of translators. 😜

And what better occasion, therefore, than the tekom-Frühjahrstagung conference being held in Vienna from the 21st to the 22nd of March 2019? There, our technical translators will be able to get to know other experts in the sector and further investigate the main topic of the conference: “Information between man and machine”. This continuing professional education in technical communication allows our super-nerd translators to keep developing their technical translation expertise, in order to ensure that they provide a service of the highest possible quality.

See you in Vienna!

Team Wabbit