Could our board game translators miss out on an entire day dedicated to role-playing games? Of course not! “What event is this?” you ask. We’re talking about GDR Party Winter edition, an event dedicated entirely to the world of board-playing games, full of adventures and fantasy settings. GDR Party Winter edition was held on 22 December 2018 at the Pinacoteca Comunale di Bondeno public art gallery in Bondeno near Ferrara. The idea behind this initiative is to get to know other players and to create an event which can bring the nerd community together to spend a fun-filled day of gaming. Could our board game localisation specialists miss out on these one-shot sessions for various role-playing games?! Of course not!


But that’s not all! Our team of super-nerd translators decided to co-finance the event and to promote, alongside the event’s organisers, an illustration contest and exhibition in honour of Corellon Larethian, patron god of the arts and leader of the Elvish pantheon!


Why did we decide to participate in putting on a role-playing game event?

We believe that it is essential to help local organisations involved in spreading the culture of board gaming, so that everyone can get to know this world. Will we manage to convince you that we didn’t do it purely for fun?!


Why did we decide to participate in putting on a illustration contest?

We think it is always useful for those in the world of illustration to be able to show themselves off to companies in the sector in order to generate interest. That’s why we decided to help these artists put their work in the spotlight.


Team Wabbit