Could our board game translators miss out on an entire day dedicated to board games? Of course not! Especially considering that it offered the chance to try an RPG set in renaissance Italy! So how could we not play host?! 😜

“What event is this?” you ask. We are talking about Gdr Party Party Set 2: Expert, the second part of Gdr Party Winter Edition, an event dedicated entirely to the world of board games.

The meet-up was held on Saturday, 18 May 2019 at the Bradamante Brew Pub in Stellata near Ferrara, in an area designed to recreate a typical fantasy atmosphere: the costumes, furnishings, lights and audio all contributed to making the playing experience unique and as immersive as possible. This event really had something for everyone, whether they wanted to play a horror RPG, barter with a merchant, or take a lantern and sit down at the table, where the masters would take them on a journey beyond the confines of fantasy!

But what is the idea behind this project? Simply to get to know other players and to create an event which can bring the nerd community together to spend a fun-filled day of gaming. Could our board game translators possibly miss such an occasion? Of course not, especially as they are keen to show off their goblin-slaying skills! 😜

This event was much more than just fun for Wabbit, however. Our team of super-nerd translators decided to co-finance the event, as we believe it is important to help local groups and organisations working to spread the culture of board gaming. Everyone must have the chance to get to know this world. It also ensures that we don’t miss out on the latest innovations in the sector, to ensure that we provide our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date translation and localisation services possible.

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