Could our board game translators miss out on an entire day dedicated to role-playing games? Of course not! Are you curious to know what day we’re talking about? It’s GDR Party III, an event dedicated entirely to the world of role-playing board games. Gdr Party III was held on the 30th of November in Bondeno, near Ferrara. The idea behind this initiative is to get to know other players and to create an event which can bring the nerd community together to simply spend a fun-filled day of gaming!

At Gdr Party III we found an enormous range of board games, which offered us an all-around role-playing experience. What’s more, the event also featured mini skill tests, allowing us to challenge the other participants.

The entire event was held in an area designed to recreate a typical fantasy atmosphere. The costumes, furnishings, audio and lights all helped heighten the gaming experience. So could our board game translators say no to one of the innkeeper’s potions and its unpredictable consequences? Or chatting with the merchant while exchanging some ducats? Of course not!

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Team di Wabbit