Technical translators

There’s a new arrival in the Wabbit warren! Would you like to know something about him?

His name is Francesco M. and he comes from nearby Sassuolo, where he grew up in a house full of his father’s Spiderman comic books. As a child, Francesco spent his time dreaming of swinging between skyscrapers from his webs, as well as laughing at the adventures of Fethry Duck and his other favourite Disney characters, first and foremost Yzma and Kronk.

After gaining his Bachelor’s degree in intercultural and linguistic mediation from SSLMIT Forlì, he decided to set off for Germany, where he received a Master’s degree in conference interpreting from the University of Mainz.

After this, he continued his travels far and wide, before arriving at Wabbit to join the team of technical translators.
But don’t let yourselves be fooled – while Francesco may spend the week with his head buried in washing machine manuals and patents, at the weekend he indulges his passion for acting and dubbing, both in the studio and by putting on funny voices for his nephews and niece!

Would you like to meet him in person? Come and visit the office, or else write to us to ask him about his next show!

If you are looking for technical translations, get in touch.

Team Wabbit