videogame translator

There’s a new arrival in the Wabbit warren! Would you like to know something about her?

Her name is Livia G., and she was born in Faenza, to the east of Bologna. Livia was already fascinated by foreign languages by the time she was at nursery school, and when she was a little girl she knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grew up: learn English so she could explain Italian artworks to foreign tourists.

Indeed, after secondary school she initially obtained a bachelor’s degree in intercultural and linguistic mediation in Forlì, before going on to gain a master’s degree in interpretation. During her time at university, she spent some months in Lisbon and then Lille with the Erasmus programme. She then went to Luxembourg for an internship at the Secretariat of the European Parliament, and after returning to Italy she joined Wabbit’s team of videogame translators.

Our new translator is a huge fan of point-and-click graphic adventure games for the PC, such as Monkey Island for example, which contains her favourite quote: “Look behind you … A three-headed monkey!”

Her favourite games are relaxing ones such as Animal Crossing, or plot-based titles such as The Last of Us; she prefers to leave strong emotions and the pressure of making important split-second decisions to the simultaneous interpreting booth!

Would you like to meet her in person? Come and visit us, or else write and invite her to your Animal Crossing island!

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