Born communicators by nature, technical translators by trade.
At Wabbit Translations, we combine the strength of teamwork with linguistic skills and advanced software tools to guarantee translation agencies impeccable work which is ready to submit to the end customer.

We offer translations from German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese into Italian, and from Italian into English. Our mission: maximum customer satisfaction. Our strength? Our proudly nerdy spirit!

Translation of Technical Manuals

Expertise and reliability are key for complex, highly structured translations such as technical manuals. The text must be clear, precise and easy to understand: this is why our team boasts multi-faceted experience in the sector, working with specific and precise vocabulary in order to achieve impeccable results.

Technical Translations

Not just manuals, but also catalogues and price lists, brochures, international advertising, press kits etc. All this allows greater internationalisation for translation agencies looking for a precise, fresh and dynamic service. Each job is personalised, taking into account the various linguistic and cultural aspects of the target audience.

Patent Translations

We are curious and attentive by nature, and this means we take the utmost care in searching for terminology to ensure that the precise meaning in the original language is conveyed, avoiding errors or misunderstandings. Companies choosing to place their trust in Wabbit will be pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and competence of our work.

Website Translations

Professional translation of a website and its correct organic positioning on search engines for each and every language is key to its success in reaching the end customer. Our goal is to combine formal correctness, lexical precision and identification of the right keywords in our work alongside translation agencies.

Software Translations

Technical terms and detailed knowledge of the field are the prerequisites our software translations are based on. In a sector which has no margin for ambiguity, Wabbit is a real top player, operating with the utmost care to eliminate any room for errors or imprecision.

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Team Wabbit is also at your disposal for translations of videogames, board games and comic books, in addition to technical translations.
We are a team of translators and project managers, ready to satisfy your every request with professionalism and expertise.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information on our services.
Team Wabbit is at your disposal!

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