The stork has been to Wabbit yet again! 😜 Our warren is now bigger than ever. Would you like to meet the new arrival? His name is Gabriele Uccellani. Born in Gubbio, he is a certified madman. Luckily, however, he does not share Trevor Philips’ mood swings and fits of rage! As a child, the first signs of nerdiness came with his interest in Greek mythology, before moving on the world of fantasy, sci-fi, modern fantasy and everything else related. He spent three years studying astrophysics at the University of Ferrara. Maybe he would like to have been the inventor of Universe Sandbox?! After this, our Captain Harlock became an officer in the Italian Navy, where he took a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations, International Markets. Given his unbridled love for numbers and statistics, it is no surprise that he adores super-realistic simulations with billions of values to take into consideration. Just like his favourite hero, Monster Hunter, who uses pieces of armour made from different monsters, the qualities that Gabriele will have to demonstrate in his role as project manager are many and varied: organisation, precision, a propensity for numbers, and so on.

Would you like to meet him in person? Come and find us, or else look out for him on one of his galactic adventures while he is seeking out the secrets of the universe.

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