A few days ago, Wabbit’s super-nerd translators packed their bags and set off on the first flight to Cologne. The reason behind their trip? Europe’s biggest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment is opening soon. The event is GamesCom 2019, being held from the 21st to the 24th of August. For the third year running, they will be attending as trade visitors in search of the best games and the newest titles. For the last month or so, our videogame translators have hardly been able to wait! They are beside themselves with excitement to discover the new products and try out the new titles!

GamesCom is the most important event in Europe for videogame developers to show off their products and related hardware to experts and fans. So Wabbit’s super-nerd translators certainly couldn’t miss it!

Why are Wabbit’s videogame translators attending the event?

GamesCom not only represents a chance for Wabbit’s videogame translators to give free reign to their passion for gaming, being the first to test out upcoming releases. For our super-nerd translators, testing out the products they will be working on means understanding developers’ needs in order to guarantee the most professional, most effective and highest-quality translations possible. Each and every videogame developer is a narrator, with their own unique and incredible story to tell. Wabbit’s translators want to understand this story perfectly, to allow them to best translate it and convey it to Italian audiences.

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