Wabbit’s team of videogame translators certainly couldn’t miss the event which celebrates the work of Italian videogame developers, Svilupparty. What is it all about? Svilupparty is an event put on by the Italian Party of Indie Developers (IPID) association and the videogame archive at the Cineteca di Bologna film library to celebrate the work of Italian developers. And how could we miss the event this year, when it is celebrating its tenth anniversary? Our super-nerd translators spent days on end searching for the best costumes for the celebrations! 🎊😜

Once again, this edition of Svilupparty allowed developers and other sector professionals to get to know each other, make professional contacts, present themselves and put their games and ideas to the test.

Why did Wabbit decide to attend this event?

For us videogame translators, comparing ideas with developers is fundamentally important, as it allows us to constantly improve the videogame translation services we offer. Understanding developers’ issues and the ideas which led them to create the games allows us to offer a better technical service, but also ensures we are able to best convey the original message and the magic behind the game.

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