Professional translators specialised in video games, board games and comics


Team_scatch_New_sondo_scuroWe are true nerds, a team of language geeks specialised in translating video games, board games and comic books. We are the first users of our work. We speak the coarse language of a provocative character like Marcus Fenix, we work as a team to provide the best possible translation such as the Max and Chloe duo – we have all the tools to provide our clients with integrated translation solutions which perfectly reflect your heroes’ dialogue in another language.

Translation is our passion. Communicating this passion is our job.

Much more than a translation agency, much more than simple Spider-Man fans. We are a team of translation specialists, each with many years’ experience in the translation sector, but all with one thing in common: a passion for gaming. We love our job and the products we work on – this is what drives us to create the perfect translation, to ensure that both our clients and their players are satisfied.
We want to have as much fun as with the original version, overcoming any pitfalls with precision and expertise. This is what brings us together.

Impeccable results and fully satisfied clients – that is our mission.

We work to satisfy not just our clients, but their customers – the ones who will actually play the games. For this reason, our work is optimised to:

  • reduce working times
  • reduce the final cost to our clients
  • increase the precision and consistency of our clients’ translations while reducing errors

Consistency in translation is key to preventing players getting confused at their screens, at the game board or when buried in a comic: if they are wielding the “sword of infernal fire”, they should not find themselves with a “Fiery dagger” on the next screen; when playing a “spell” card, they should not find an identical one in the deck labelled “magic”; and if a character’s name changes half way through the story from the original to the translated version, the story and suspension of disbelief will suffer!
We adapt the language to the creative content by seeking out the most appropriate adjectives, atmosphere and wordplay, and finding the best way to convey the rules in the target language. Our translators are also skilled creative writers: this is the true secret of translation, moulding the original author’s meaning to fit the target language.

A team of skilled professional translators, always at hand

Like all superheroes, we like to put ourselves on the line. We are proud of our work, and we are always available to customers for progress reports or to help out if any doubts or further requirements should arise. We listen carefully to the needs of developers, editors and translation agencies to ensure we deliver a truly excellent finished product. We manage the entire translation process to provide clients with a print-ready product. How? By being at the top of our game.
Do you need help or advice on a translation project? Get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling!



Born in Bologna the same year that Bubble Bobble was released: coincidence, or destiny? In any case, Alessandro’s two passions quickly became clear: languages and games. And so what better way to combine his two dreams than to become a linguistic mediator by studying at the University of Bologna, before going on to do a Master’s degree in Screen Translation, spending his time casting “Magic Missile” and translating video games, comics and board games? And so our very own Sherlock Holmes of the translation world became one of the most skilled language geeks in the field, with a special ability of his own: complicated and tortuous video games.


When she was born in Pavullo nel Frignano, near Modena in Italy, none of her male cousins would ever have thought that this cute little Arale would become a Lara Croft of video game, board game and comic book translations. After graduating from Carlo Bo University in nearby Bologna with a bachelor’s degree in linguistic mediation (translation and interpreting), she went on to do a master’s degree in languages for communication in international enterprises and organisations. But then her other passions took over: music, games and travel, travelling with her mind to those enchanting worlds of games as well. She has the adventurous and pugnacious spirit of a Spider-Man or Batman (her favourite superheroes), but Jessika also has a weakness for the new the new champions of justice such as Robin Hood from the 1970s comic books.


Originally from Cento in central Italy, a town famous for its carnival, Laura spent her childhood reconciling an obsession for Disney princesses with an excellent K/D ratio in Delta Force. Her bachelor’s degree in linguistic mediation (translation and interpreting) from the university of Forlì and her master’s in screen translations, combined with a deep passion for the German language (or maybe beer …), acting and dubbing led her to spend time in Cologne, Milan, Rome and Sylt. It was only when conveyor-belt sushi and Netflix became available in Italy that she decided to return to her native land and become a translation Jedi.


Born in Caracas, Venezuela but raised in Modena, Italy, he has a degree in electronic engineering – so you probably won’t be surprised to hear that he’s a fan of science-fiction comic book Nathan Never! He decided to continue his studies with a degree in “linguistic mediation” at University Carlo Bo. And like Namor, the Sub-Mariner, he also has somewhat of a dual personality, which means he is just as comfortable with his head buried in a complicated technical translation as he is exercising his creative powers to render the most natural and entertaining translation of a comic book. Like his favourite superhero, he needs contact with water to maintain his superpowers – that’s why you will find him scuba diving in his free time, even if he doesn’t share Namor’s incredible speed in the water! Having spent periods of his life in Caracas and Sydney, he has a keen desire to visit Tasmania in the future to see some bandicoots close up (although maybe he will be disappointed when he discovers they can’t really spin and jump in search of fruit!).


Born in Magenta near Milan, she spent her childhood obsessed by Mickey Mouse and Dylan Dog. A degree in Languages and Techniques for Information and communication, followed by a Master’s in Translation at the “Civica” school for interpreters and translators in Milan, as well as her specialisation in audiovisual translation for voice-overs and “simil-sync” dubbing and for the production of subtitles, led her to end up in Modena. Distinctive features? Well, she bears a striking resemblance to the Mad Hatter. Because of her beautiful thick curly hair? Or because she shares his obsessive attention to detail? Or maybe because of her numerous imaginary journeys … Favourite destinations? Intergalactic duels or space battles, just as long as they are out of our orbit! Yes, she has even written a dissertation on Star Wars! Will Alice manage to resist the temptation to cross over to the Dark Side?


Born in Gubbio, he is a certified madman. Luckily, however, he does not share Trevor Philips’ mood swings and fits of rage! As a child, the first signs of nerdiness came with his interest in Greek mythology, before moving on the world of fantasy, sci-fi, modern fantasy and everything else related. He spent three years studying astrophysics at the University of Ferrara. Maybe he would like to have been the inventor of Universe Sandbox?! After this, our Captain Harlock became an officer in the Italian Navy, where he took a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations, International Markets. Given his unbridled love for numbers and statistics, it is no surprise that he adores super-realistic simulations with billions of values to take into consideration. Just like his favourite hero, Monster Hunter, who uses pieces of armour made from different monsters, the qualities that Gabriele will have to demonstrate in his role as project manager are many and varied: organisation, precision, a propensity for numbers, and so on.


Born in Faenza, to the east of Bologna, Livia was already fascinated by foreign languages by the time she was at nursery school. In fact, when she was a little girl she knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grew up: learn English so she could explain Italian artworks to foreign tourists. Indeed, after secondary school she initially obtained a bachelor’s degree in intercultural and linguistic mediation in Forlì, before going on to gain a master’s degree in interpretation. During her time at university, she spent some months in Lisbon and then Lille with the Erasmus programme. She then went to Luxembourg for an internship at the Secretariat of the European Parliament, and after returning to Italy she joined Wabbit’s team of videogame translators. Our new translator is a huge fan of point-and-click graphic adventure games for the PC, such as Monkey Island for example, which contains her favourite quote: “Look behind you … A three-headed monkey!” Her favourite games are relaxing ones such as Animal Crossing, or plot-based titles such as The Last of Us; she prefers to leave strong emotions and the pressure of making important split-second decisions to the simultaneous interpreting booth!