2020 videogame

With the help of our artist Martina Ferraroni, we decided to welcome the new members of Team Wabbit with a fantastic banner inspired by the characters from our favourite videogames, both from 2020 and all time!

From the left:

Jessika is Aerith from Final Fintasy VII. She shares the character’s love of flowers and of listening to the earth and nature.

Laura is Mayonne from Snack World. Her resemblance to the character is remarkable – not just her flowing blonde locks, but also and above all her passion for food (or maybe we should say perpetual hunger), as well as her wordplay skills.

Alessandro is one of the barbarians from Conan Chop Chop. He’s certainly a lover of chaos, adventure and role-playing games, but maybe the truth is that he simply wanted to have a picture with him bare chested and wearing a nice pair of fur boots.

Gabriele is Saitama from One Punch Man. So is that what the PM in his job title stands for?

Our Wabbit is Pikachu. Do you really need an introduction?

Giuseppe is Steve from Minecraft. He digs, builds, then tears it all down again – did you have any doubts about the favourite game of our engineer-translator?

Alice is Misty from Pokémon. Her dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer begins in the gym downstairs from our office, and continues with long walks all over the area.

Livia is Nami from One Piece. It had to be – she says she only realised she was a nerd when she first discovered manga.

Francesco is Naruto. He has been doing a correspondence course to become a ninja for some time now.

Did you recognise all of them? If you want to get to know us better, take a look at our biographies here.

What are your favourite videogames of 2020? Write to us on Facebook and let us know!

Team Wabbit